Johnson-Perkins' artwork reflects a retrospective and nostalgic gaze at pop culture exploring iconic imagery and play. Recently he has used materials and subject matter which have a resonance with adolescent experiences such as Lego, 80's computer graphics, 80's TV programs and pop music.

Recent shows include Hal 9000, with ART EXPO, which toured to major art spaces in the USA, Spain, Romania and Lithuania. His work has also been shown at the Long Island Digital Media Festival at The IMAC Cimema, New York. with solo shows at Nospace Gallery Bangkok Thailand, Red Gallery Hull UK and The Star and Shadow Cinema Newcastle UK. Hal 9000 was featured at ART EXPO Moscow Centre for Contemporary Arts, Russia in February. Johnson-Perkins was selected for the International Artist Exchange Progam at Teknologi Mara University Malaysia in July 08.

Current artworks include: a giant army of totemic Lego men which he calls 'robots', scrolling message boards, supplanted with jokes, giant signs, Lego plaques (Wall) with retro statements and a dazzling array of animations using 8 bit computer graphics and modernist geometric shapes.

James Johnson-Perkins lives & works in Newcastle UK.

LINKS: johnson-perkins.co.uk